You can buy a salvaged auto from a dealer and a private party. Each have their own merits and demerits that you should understand before approaching them.

Dealer operates in a professional arrangement. He will offer you warranty, financing options and will have trained technicians beside him to support you any time you face any difficulty. You can contact him for any issue any time as it is his round the clock business and duty. Dealer can also offer you good deals like certified cars. While the dealer gives you so much advantages they will charge you high price to stay profitable in the business. So, that is like you pay for what you get arrangement.

Contrary to private party engagement, you are free to bargain the price as long it is in your limit with no professional sales technique to captivate your thoughts. Private party usually offer lower price. While such parties asks for lesser price they do not provide you with any warranty scheme, no financing potions, no paper work obligations. At some points they can even set for no inspection.

Given price is the sole factor people decide between the new cars and salvage ones, you will surely get much facilities if you try the private party. However, for most people it is an investment and that’s why they like some security to get attached with the purchase and they lean with dealers. Considering the merits and demerits of dealers and private parties people prefer the dealer most. It does not mean private party engagements are discouraged. If you know some one for years and his car as well, then you have no reason to wait for any dealer to make you buy it.

Michigan state law requires a vehicle for salvage titled only when its repair cost will be more than 75% and less than 91% of its original book value. The vehicle has to be a late model where the late period is defined as 6 years for small cars and 16 years for bigger vehicles. The salvage titled vehicles in Michigan are referred as Orange car.

According to the state law, salvage titles are not allowed to run on the streets. They have to be salvage – rebuilt to run on the street and the dealer must produce written documentary evidence of clearly informing the customer about its previous unfit condition. Only the licensed dealers of the state have the right to buy the scraps and salvage vehicles. Only they can repair and restore them to resale to buyers. At this phases the impetus is given on the car life.

Once a vehicle is back to road from salvage, the Michigan state law required fulfilling all the documentary information. The state has a specific vehicle coding requirement which must be fulfilled. A certified inspector must go by the repair works. If you get a clearance from the inspection title can be changed easily filling a form. Only then, the salvage vehicle will turn into rebuilt salvage. Except the vehicle code compliance fact – which is actually a big book of legal terms and conditions adopted by the state legislators there is not much difference in title changing a salvage vehicle. If you are living in Michigan then you must not worry as only the dealers can make such deals there and they will get everything done for you, all you need to do is to pay them their required amount. Have trust!